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The level of environmental awareness is rising daily and people are slowly starting to realize that our very existence depends on environment preservation and protection. The attitude that each society has towards its environment and habitat is of crucial importance for every community that wants to develop, have a healthy future and strives to secure an environment which will ensure its prosperity both for the present and future generations.

Aware of its responsibility towards the environment our Company has established its business on quality, socially responsible, and legally compliant  collection and disposal of pharmaceutical  and other types of  waste at acceptable prices. The business activity we are performing is of major importance hence it effects the life of every society by impacting its:

- environment, i.e. water, soil and air pollution
- economy, where large amounts of funds are spent on securing of healthy environment for life and work of people
- health, by lowering of risk from diseases and creating conditions for healthy and motivated generations.


About us

Investfarm Impex Ltd. was established in 2009. In compliance with the Law on Waste Management and in the objective of performing of business activities of authorized operator for medical and pharmaceutical waste, it had created manpower, organizational and technical conditions (warehouse, equipment, ADR vehicles).

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Investfarm Impex klijentiOur Clients

Our relationship with our clients is reflected by the best possible service performed in an efficient manner showing respect to those we are servicing. We provide complete safety to our clients and employees implementing high ethical standards in all segments of our business activity, by respecting all legal regulations, the public and attitude towards environment.

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